Saturday, May 17, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Weeks 9 & 10

Well hi there! It's been over a month since I blogged - a very busy month with a week-long trip to Disneyland, Joel finishing up his first year of grad school, lots of end-of-the-year activities going on at school for Dean, etc etc. So I have a bit of catching up to do with sharing Project Life here on the blog. I also have a few non-Project Life posts planned soon, so we'll see how that goes.

Week 9: February 23 - March 1, 2014:

This was the week I spent a long weekend on Oahu - the purpose of the trip was Continuing Education (Vestibular Rehab - which is basically Physical Therapy treatment of vertigo and balance disorders), but I made it a longer than necessary trip so I could hang out with Aunty Les and do some shopping (she took me to several really nice yarn shops and a Korean store and I spent lots of time at Ala Moana). I also got to meet my Instagram friend Erin. While I was gone, Joel and Dean went rollerblading and generally made a mess of the house. 

For product, I used the Sunshine Core Kit along with a few Emily Merritt products - Happy Place, Spring is Coming, and Dotted Numbers. I also added a few cards and embellishments from Studio Calico.

Week 10: March 2 - March 8, 2014:

Pretty chill week around here, lots of time at home. I started watching House of Cards and then spent countless hours in front of the TV doing nothing else. I volunteered in the school library. Lots of rain again this week (we don't mind, Maui needs it!), and I spent some time in the Ceramics Open Studio.

Product Used: Coral Core Kit, various Studio Calico embellishments, and a few more Emily Merritt goodies - Spring is Coming and Big Number Week Cards No. 2.

And there you have Weeks 9 & 10!

Just a note to say that I've been getting quite a bit of spam in my comments lately, so I might be making some changes to the comment thing on my blog. I'm exploring that a bit - deciding between moderation and using a captcha. Any input? I don't get many comments at all, so moderation wouldn't be a big issue. Would love to hear some opinions on this.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Week 14 - with Reverse Confetti

March 30 - April 5, 2014:

Hello April and Hello REVERSE CONFETTI Fans!  I'm so excited to be hopping along again with the Reverse Confetti Design Team and Special Guests in this month's Blog Hop! As has been my standard when I play along with the Confetti Crew, I created another Project Life layout this month - incorporating my favorite new and past stamp sets into my spread, both on journaling cards and directly on my photos to help tell the story of our daily lives. I used my new Class Act stamp set along with several of my older Reverse Confetti stamp sets in this week's layout. 

The hop started over on the Reverse Confetti Blog and you should have made it here from the amazing Amy Sheffer's blog. It would be worth your while to start at the beginning of the hop so you don't miss a thing. We have tons of inspiration for you to see using all of Reverse Confetti's amazing stamp sets!

Along with the new Class Act stamp set, I dug into my Reverse Confetti stash and used a few of my old favorites, including Take Note, Lighthearted Letters, and Celebrate Cake as well as the flag-ended banner die from the Tag Me Confetti Cuts die set. All of these stamp sets are perfect for using on Project Life Pages and went well with The Good Life Emily Merritt printables I used this week along with a few random Becky Higgins journal cards I added in.

I hope you’ve enjoyed hopping with us today. Be sure and hop with us on the 8th of EVERY MONTH for more REVERSE CONFETTI inspiration! Now it’s time to hop on over to Sarah Gough's blog. If you get lost along the way, you can find the hop order and list of all the participating designers over on the Reverse Confetti blog. Also, for you cardmakers, don't forget...April’s SKETCH FOR YOU TO TRY is open for you to play along.

How would you like to win some Reverse Confetti goodies of your very own? Leave a comment on each stop along the way for a chance to win a $15 gift certificate to REVERSE CONFETTI. Comments are open until Thursday, April 10 at noon CST, and the winner will be announced on the Reverse Confetti Blog!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Week 8

February 16 - February 22, 2014:

Around here, we were pretty busy this week. Dean had his first Orthodontist Appointment - yes, he's only 7, but it's been a year and a half since he lost his front teeth and there is no sign of them coming in yet and his x-rays at the dentist show quite a bit of crowding of his permanent teeth down there under those baby teeth. Poor kid. Joel has nice, perfect, straight teeth and never had braces. I had horrible teeth. It seems that Dean unfortunately inherited his mother's teeth. Orthodontics are definitely in our future. I continued with my Clay Class, practicing my scraffito technique and making test tiles for commercial underglazes. I bought yarn to start a new blanket for Dean to match his room. We got new curtains. Lots of Olympics theme in Dean's playtime this week. One of my favorite photos is the one I snapped of the top of our coffee table after a full day. You can read the journaling that goes with the photo on the yellow 3x4 card. Love photos of real life like that.

Product used this week included the Sunshine and Slate core kits along with Emily Merritt's Painted Cards No. 1, Big Number Week Cards No. 2, and the green "hello" card is recolored from Hey There.

And that wraps up Week 8! It's been awhile since I posted - life has been busy. Starting to get a handle on our schedule with the addition of piano lessons and my Clay Class has finished up. I'm trying to decide how I want to continue with my new pottery hobby - using the Open Studio at the Hui (which is somewhat expensive at $75/month) or purchase my own kiln. I can pretty much do everything at home except the firings. However, getting a kiln on Maui is not exactly easy (or cheap!). I've also been crocheting like crazy, making lots of scarves and trying to finish at least 1 blanket. And have I ever mentioned that I make my own soap? Lots of hobbies going on around here. I'd like to start blogging about more of these things - do any of you have a particular interest in any of these? Would you like to know more about making your own soap? Would you like to see what I'm crocheting? Links to patterns, supplies, etc? Any interest in pottery? What other hobbies do you have besides Project Life?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Week 7

February 9 - February 15, 2014:

Around here, Week 7 was a fabulous week! Dean started Piano lessons at the Maui Music Conservatory. I continued with my Clay Class and finally got the hang of Scraffito (a technique that I did not master in my first clay class). And, it was Valentine's Day.

I used lots of new Elle's Studio goodies in my layout this week, including several things from the Love You More Collection Pack and the Love You More Journaling Tags. The "Be Mine" card is from Emily Merritt's Heart Talk and the "This is Where it is Beautiful" is from her Snow Day (recolored). And of course, I added the yellow circle "7" from Emily's Dotted Numbers set.

I was so happy to add some of Dean's artwork this week! It's one of my favorite things to include in Project Life. I often include it inside extra inserts, which don't usually get shared on the blog, but sometimes when I'm short a pocket, I'll hand Dean a blank card and ask him to draw me a picture. This week I needed another 4x6 card to fill out the spread, so I asked him to draw a Valentine picture. He drew a picture of our family with lots of love. It's hilarious that he drew us all wearing green shirts and purple shorts (I'm pretty sure Dean is the only one of us who owns a shirt that color - one of his school shirts, and none of us own purple shorts! Ha!).

And there you have Week 7. I'm off to get started on Week 8!!

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Week 6

February 2 - February 8, 2014

During Week 6 of 2014, Around Here Dean and I were both sick - he missed school and I missed work on Monday. Tuesday, the election results were announced and Dean discovered he had been elected the Class President of Mrs. Yuen's 2nd Grade Class at Pomaika'i Elementary School! So proud! The Olympics started Thursday, and as is tradition for us since Dean's first time watching any Olympics (the Winter Olympics of 2010), we are completely obsessed!! Saturday we went to see The Lego Movie (highly recommend - thoroughly enjoyable for the adults and the little ones!). And look how many times the cats made it into the PL spread this week - 3 times! I'm pretty sure that's a record! LOL.

Big variety of product this week. My Anchor Card is from the Midnight Core Kit, as is that "Perfection" 3x4 card and a few of my journal cards. I used several Emily Merritt products this week - her new Currently 3x4 cards, the 3x4 card with all the "xoxo"s on it is from Heart Talk (you'll be seeing more of this in my Week 7 layout, the "miserable" hashtag card is from Not My Day, and finally the number 6 week marker card is from Big Number Week Cards No. 2. The "Happy Moment" 3x4 card is from my January Studio Calico PL kit. And the two far right 3x4 cards are both from the Plus One Mini Kit.

And that's it for Week 6! I can't wait to share Week 7 - it's one of my favorite layouts so far in my 2014 Album. I'll be back soon with that.

Mahalo for stopping by!

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Week 5

January 26 - February 1, 2014:

Playing catch-up on sharing my Project Life layouts. Around here, during Week 5 of 2014, life was pretty satisfying. We experienced our own version of winter here on Maui, which I know my mainland readers will laugh at, but we're just not used to it! It was cold for us (low 50s at night and only getting into the mid 70s during the day) all week and we got lots of much-needed rain. Honestly, even though we're not accustomed to that kind of "winter weather", it was kind of nice! We spent the evenings bundled up on the couch under quilts, watching movies, and I got to break out my comfy sweatpants and sweatshirts! Appropriately, Dean had a Snowman Project due to school, where he had to design and build a snowman. He did great. Wednesday I started another Handbuilding with Clay class up at the Hui. I took a similar class last fall and LOVED it! I'm not that good, but I'm thoroughly enjoying getting my hands dirty and stepping out of my creative comfort zone. And now I want a kiln to use at home! We celebrated Chinese New Year with an authentic Chinese Dinner from Panda Express (ha!) and Dean got to feed the lion a red money envelope at his school's Chinese New Year celebration Lion Dance. And finally, Saturday we attended a fun birthday party at Kalama Park for one of Dean's friends from preschool. And that sums up another fun and busy week for us.

Product Used: Kept things super simple - pretty much all Coral with the exception of one 3x4 filler card from Jade. I added the Number 5 from Emily Merritt's Dotted Numbers to mark my week, but otherwise very little embellishment other than the fortunes from our fortune cookies for our CNY dinner. I did use my new

And that's it for Week 5. How is everyone else doing? Keeping up? Catching up? 

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Classmate Valentine Gifts with Reverse Confetti


I'm so excited to be playing along in another Blog Hop this month with the fabulous Reverse Confetti Team! Today I'm veering a bit away from my standard Project Life post to share a fun little Valentine's Day project I mass produced for Dean to give to each of his 2nd Grade Classmates next week. A few Reverse Confetti stamp sets and dies made the mass production so easy! I'll get to all of the project details in a bit. First, the nitty gritty about the Blog Hop...

The hop started over on the Reverse Confetti Blog and you should have made it here from the amazing Heather Pulvirenti's Blog. It would be worth your while to start at the beginning of the hop so you don't miss a thing. We have tons of inspiration for you to see using so many of Reverse Confetti's amazing products!

For school parties, I try to steer clear of candy as the kids get so much of that already. This year, I found these awesome recycled paper pencils from a fabulous Etsy Shop - MoxiePear - and placed a bulk order of pink, red and white.  I already had the perfect sized cellophane bags, so I just needed to make a cute little tag. Reverse Confetti made the job super quick and easy! I pulled out my Tag Me die set along with the Arrow die and got to work cutting. As for the stamping, I used Crushin' for the decorative bits and then added Dean's name with Lighthearted Letters (I love using this stamp set on my Project Life pages as well). Repeat 20 times and Dean is ready for his Valentine's Day party!

I hope you've enjoyed hopping with us today. Be sure and hop with the Confetti Crew on the 8th of EVERY MONTH for more Reverse Confetti inspiration! Now it's time to hop on over to Stacey Schafer's blog. If you get lost along the way, you can find the hop order and list of all the participating designers over on the Reverse Confetti blog.

How would you like to win some Reverse Confetti goodies of your very own? Leave a comment on each stop along the hop for a chance to win a $15 Gift Certificate to Reverse Confetti! Comments are open until February 10th at noon CST!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Week 4

January 19 - January 25, 2014:

Around here, Week 4 flew by! Dean had quite a bit going on at school with a big project due for the 100th Day of School. In true Dean Style, he went completely over the top with this one. The assignment was simply to collect 100 of something and display it on a posterboard. I tried to convince him to do 100 Lego pieces, but he was having none of that. "Too boring". He's been really, really into all things Space since he could talk, so of course, it would be Space related. He decided to list his 100 Favorite "Space Objects", and he had to put them in order from smallest to largest. And then he decided nobody would know what any of them were, so he needed to label them (moon, planet, dwarf planet, star, nebula, etc). I helped him cut out the red letters using my Silhouette, but he did the rest of it all on his own. I've never even heard of most of the things on his list other than the planets in our own Solar System plus a few of the other stars and nebula just because of listening to Dean talk over the years. It was a lot of work for a 7-yr-old, but he did a great job! (it was really hard for me not to step in and try to get him to line up those sticker labels a little better or to try to get him to make his columns a little straighter, but I stepped back and let him do it himself and he did great! And he was so, so proud of himself!!). The other big news of the week was that a HUGE North Swell arrived in Hawaii on Wednesday with giant waves - it was expected to bring the biggest waves we've had in about 15 years. Waves on Maui's north shore were predicted to be around 40 ft with one famous surf spot, Pe'ahi (also known as "Jaws"), getting hammered with waves up to 80 ft!!  So my friend Jayci, Dean and I braved the absolutely insane traffic along with just about everyone else on Maui and headed out to the North Shore Wednesday afternoon to check out the waves. Our timing wasn't great, it was super windy, and the waves weren't that big yet (about 25 ft). It took us almost 2 hours to drive to Ho'okipa, which would normally take about 20 minutes, because of the traffic backed up in both directions with people trying to get out to Jaws. We decided not to keep going to Jaws. I wanted Dean to see the waves (the biggest in his lifetime), but I wanted to get home before dark!

This is one of the first times I've consistently used product from the Honey Kit throughout my layout. I have a love / hate relationship with Honey. I love the simple, clean designs of some of the cards (like the ones I used this week), but I don't like a lot of the other, more cutesy cards. But the colors are great and I do like the way this week turned out! I used another of Emily Merritt's Big Number Week Cards No. 2 to mark my week and added in a few bits and pieces from Studio Calico. But it was mostly Honey Core Kit this week.  That "Remember This" stamp on the bottom left photo is an old one from Evalicious. It doesn't look like they carry it any more, but I just noticed they have a ton of great new stuff that just released, including these Hello 2014 Misc V1 Puffy Stickers that I've got my eye on.

And that's it for Week 4! I just finished up my Week 5 layout so will be back in a day or 2 to share that as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Week 3

January 12 - January 18, 2014:

This week, we had a great Sunday - a Krispy Kreme breakfast of sprinkled donuts and POG just because we could, then some quiet reading at home before Joel and Dean headed out on one of their typical Sunday adventures (they did one of their favorite hikes - Four Waterfalls - lots of running through bamboo, jumping off waterfalls, swimming in jungle streams, and boulder hopping!). Then Sunday evening Joel and I enjoyed the first episode of a new HBO show we've been excited to watch - True Detective with one of my faves Matthew McConaughey and Maui resident Woody Harrelson. We are definitely intrigued. (of course, we don't think HBO does anything badly). Dean had a dentist appointment, we got our piano tuned (FINALLY - it's super old, we bought it used, it spent like 30 years in a home literally 25 yards from the ocean which is not really good for pianos, so it was very, very badly out of tune - it took the tuner man 8.5 hours to tune it!!). Saturday Joel and I enjoyed a fun date day driving over to the West Side for a Barnes & Noble run and some shopping (even with the stressful drive over the Pali with all the tourists driving like crazies while trying to look at all the whales instead of keeping their eyes on the road! ha!). And most exciting of all - we booked a trip to Disneyland with my Mom for mid-spring!! 

As for products used this week, a few things from the Copper Mountain Studio Calico kits as well as a journal card from the Midnight Core Kit. The rest is pretty much from Emily Merritt's new Choose Happy kit - love it! I also used Emily Merritt's Dotted Numbers to mark the week number again. 

And that wraps up Week 3. I love being caught up on this album. I'm hoping to finish up my December Daily album in the next few weeks, so if I manage that I'll be sure to share. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Week 2

January 5 - January 11, 2014

Around here, it was a fun and busy week. Downton Abbey season 4 started, Joel and Dean started playing some tennis (neither of them has any idea what they're doing, but when asked if he wants to take lessons, Dean informed me: "Nah, I don't need to. I'm already really good". Then he told me he beat Daddy 53 to 37. Um, OK. Ha! Wednesday, Dean started back to school after a nice long Winter Break. We've been getting some much-needed rain in the Central Valley of Maui. I crocheted Joel a beanie (have I mentioned I'm now completely obsessed with crocheting? I'm sure I'll be annoying all of you with my humble brags about my many crochet projects this year). Joel played golf with some buddies Saturday afternoon (another sport he's really not very good at, but enjoys playing - he is definitely a wrestler in every way). And I got a new little chair for the living room. If you followed my 2013 Project Life, you know that we've been slowly progressing with a major Living Room Makeover for about a year now and are really, really close to being done with that! Yay! 

I used lots of my Studio Calico goodies this week. I hadn't been finding a lot to use from my kits the last few months - I think because fall and winter colors just don't fit well when you live in a perpetually warm climate maybe? I find it hard to work with those warm, fallish colors. So I really loved this month's kits as it was a return to more of my style. I also tried something new on my "anchor card" and journaled - kind of Week in Review style. That 3x4 number 2 is from Emily Merritt's Big Number Week Cards No. 2 - like I mentioned last week, I'll be using those pretty consistently this year. I also used some of the Grey Alpha Stickers by Becky Higgins (These and several other Project Life products are currently 25% off over at Two Peas, btw). One of my favorite photos this week is that super simple 3x4 picture of all the Calvin and Hobbes books on Dean's bookshelf. Such a perfect example of his everyday life right now. Trying to remember to capture more images like that this year.

I actually included TWO! selfies on the right side of the layout this week - unheard of for me as I am really bad about avoiding the camera. The first (4x6) one I snapped in the car on the way to school the first morning back after Winter Break. LOL. Perfect capture of how each of us felt. The second one is there mostly because I just wanted an excuse to use that #selfie card from the SC Project Life kit. The "Let's Make it a Good One" card is from Emily Merritt's new Be Brilliant kit. And finally, that 4x6 "yes!" journal card is from the Teen Boy Theme Pack by Becky Higgins.

And that wraps up my Week 2. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Project Life 2014 Cover Page and Week 1

Hi there! Happy New Year! It's been over a month since I blogged and I realize I still haven't shared the last of my 2013 Project Life layouts or the rest of my December Daily Album. However, I want to try to stay on top of sharing my 2014 Project Life, so here I am! I'll try to eventually get around to sharing my December Daily Album. I have lots of plans for the blog this year, including a big clean-up and redesign coming in the next week or 2. I'd also like to share other projects here besides just Project Life - including my attempts at other craftiness and a little bit of "real life" every now and then. We'll see how that goes. I still won't be blogging on any kind of regular basis, but just when I have time and happen to have something to share. Your comments help me know if people like the content I'm sharing, so please let me know what you think!

So, today I'm going to share my Project Life 2014 Cover Page and Week 1 Layout. My goal for Project Life this year is to keep things really simple. I want my pages to come together quickly and for the focus to be on the photos and memories. I'll mainly be using a mix of Becky Higgins Core Kits (my plan is to mostly use Jade and Coral with a little bit of a few others thrown in when it seems right). I do subscribe to the Studio Calico Project Life kit, so you'll probably see some of that mixed in here and there as well as a few of my other favorite products. I especially like to add the Studio Calico digital printable labels to my photos. But other than that, I will likely be keeping embellishments to a minimum. You'll also be seeing LOTS of Emily Merritt printables again this year. I'm a HUGE fan of Emily's designs and my plan this year is to use either her Big Number Week Cards No. 2 or her new Dotted Numbers each week in a 3x4 pocket to mark which week number we're on. Last year I used my Silhouette to cut out the week number and added it to my "anchor card" each week. I really liked the look of that, but dealing with my Silhouette each week was just too time consuming. Don't get me wrong, I love my Silhouette and will still be using cut files every now and then, but not every week. Remember, Simple and Quick is the name of the game for me this year. For me, my Silhouette is neither of those.

So, with Simple and Quick in mind for the entire album, I decided to make my Cover Page a little more fancy than the rest of the album will be. I absolutely LOVED what Jenni Hufford did with her Cover Page and decided to do something very, very similar. I give all inspirational credit to her.

I used a 8.5x11 inch Coin Collection Pocket Page insert. It has twenty 2x2 inch pockets that I filled with a variety of embellishments, instagram photos, and cropped 3x4 filler cards from the Sunshine, Jade and Coral Project Life Core Kits. I also added a little die cut image of Maui, the island we live on, to one pocket (I downloaded a cut file of Hawaii from the Silhouette store and deleted all of the other islands). One of my favorite things is that cute little 2014 Flair button.

I added more bits of filler cards to the back sides of the pockets and then each member of our family got a pocket with our details (age and current "job title").  I'm really happy with the way my Cover Page turned out. It gave me a chance to get really creative and pull out all the stops with embellishments since my plan for most of the rest of the album is to keep things pretty clean and simple. I also liked that using an insert for the cover page left just the front of the first actual page of the album free. This was perfect to use for Week 1, since I wanted to start the album on Jan 1, which was a Wednesday, so my Week 1 was really just half a week! So my Week 1 is contained in a single Design A page:

Week 1 was short and sweet. I included photos of Oklahoma's awesome Sugar Bowl win against Alabama - Boomer Sooner!! (Joel and I are both OU Alumni), MACC tickets from a fun Date Night New Year's, a picture of Dean wearing one of the beanies I made him for Christmas (he LOVES them - and he's never been a kid who will wear any kind of hat, so that makes me really happy!), and finally a selfie of me right after cutting 11 inches off my hair!! New Year, New Me!! I used lots of Coral kit cards as well as a recolored card from Emily Merritt's new Be Brilliant card pack and her Dotted Numbers collection. I have to say that initially, I wasn't all that crazy about the Coral Kit when I first opened it up and started sorting through the cards. But now that I've started using it, I think it might be my go-to kit this year. Jade is still my fave, but I love how well Coral and Jade go together. I think you'll be seeing a lot of those 2 kits from me this year!

So that's it. I'm super excited to be starting another year of Project Life. This is my 3rd year documenting my family's memories using the Project Life method and I absolutely love it! I'm also determined to finish Dean's Baby Album this year and hope to share more of it here on the blog as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

December Daily 2013 Beginnings - with Reverse Confetti

It's the 8th of the month and I'm so excited to be playing along in another Blog Hop with the Reverse Confetti team! Last month's release was full of holiday magic, as well as some gorgeous everyday sentiments - the perfect combination to help me get started on my 2013 December Daily Album! Today I'll be sharing the first few documentation pages of my album, and I shared the "opening pages" (like the one pictured above) last month using more Reverse Confetti stamps - if you missed that post, you can see it HERE. While I'll be showing ways to incorporate these fun stamps into your December Daily album or other holiday memory keeping projects, the rest of the Confetti Crew and special guests will help you start thinking of those small gifts, tags, treats, or just sweet notes to spread the "Merry" this season!

The hop started over on the Reverse Confetti Blog, and you should have made it here from the fabulous Amy Sheffer's Blog. It would be worth your while to start at the beginning, so you don't miss a thing! And don't forget to leave a little love along the way for a chance to win some Reverse Confetti goodies of your own!

Now, on to my December Daily Album. If you're not familiar with December Daily, it's an album project - conceptualized by Ali Edwards - that documents the 25 days leading up to Christmas (some people start their documentation earlier and many people go longer). This will be my 3rd year creating a December Daily Album and I absolutely love both the process and the final outcome. However, this year I decided to do something a little different. Instead of documenting my month on a true DAILY basis (photo-a-day style), I decided to be more laid back and just create more of a Holiday themed mini-album. I won't do a page per day, but will rather just capture an overview of our holiday memories for the month. So some days may have several pages of documentation and then there will be several days without any documentation. We'll see how this goes this year and then I'll decide which format I prefer going forward. 

The first page of documentation this year highlights the arrival of our family's Elf on the Shelf, Scout. (For all of the following photos, you should be able to click on them to pull up an enlargement to see them a little closer if you want to see any of the detail).

Scout usually brings Dean a special gift (a Lego Advent Calendar) along with a letter basically telling him to be good, or else. I used some fun digital goodies by Emily Merritt on this page, which paired perfectly with that "Special Delivery from the North Pole" stamp from the Reverse Confetti Tinsel 'n Trim set. I stamped that sentiment in Versamark ink and embossed it with silver glittery Zing embossing powder. It looks so fun! I added a few other embellishments and it was done!

The next page features an enlarged photo of Dean at the end of a long day of decorating, when I made him put on those elf ears and take a picture in front of the tree. He refused to smile. The "Don't get your tinsel in a tangle" sentiment from Tinsel 'n Trim seemed fitting! The facing page has four 3x4 pockets. I stamped the "Joy" sentiment inside the red star of an Emily Merritt printable and added the "Ho. Ho. Ho." sentiment to the top of a printable journal card and journaled about the photo of Dean in the elf ears. Both the "Joy" and "Ho. Ho. Ho." sentiments are from Tinsel 'n Trim as well. I added a few wood veneer speech bubble words to the top right pocket and sewed it closed, then added an instagram photo of Dean decorating the tree to a journal card and created the hashtag awesome sentiment with the Arrows 'n Elements set.

And the last layout I'm sharing today continues with our Tree Trimming. I created a simple and fun 3x4 journal card by adding the red diagonal stripes from the So Stripey set to the top of a preprinted "Who, What, When, Where, Why" card by Becky Higgins (it's hard to see in the photo, but those words are along the left side of the card), then filled it in. I also stamped the Picture Perfect sentiment from Tinsel 'n Trim onto another Emily Merritt printable to create a quick & easy filler card. And finally, I enlarged a photo of Dean and I putting some finishing touches on the tree (with a photo bomb from one of our cats - do you see her? LOL) and added a few simple embellishments along with the "bring on the Merry" sentiment I created using the Bring on the Merry set.

And that's it from me today. Now head on over to Sarah Gough's blog. And remember, leave a comment on each stop for a chance to win a $15 gift certificate to Reverse Confetti. Comments are open until Tuesday, December 10th at 2pm CST, and the winner will be announced on the "Wednesday in the Works" post over on the Reverse Confetti blog!

Thanks for hopping along!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

December Daily 2012 Finished Pages - Part 1

Well, since it's almost time to start sharing my 2013 December Daily, I thought I'd go ahead and do a couple of quick posts to finally share my finished 2012 December Daily Album, since I never got around to doing that last year! I'll break this into 2 (VERY photo-heavy) posts over the next few days, keep the jibber jabber to a minimum and just let the photos speak for themselves. If anyone has any questions about products used, please leave a comment and I'll add the answers to the end of the post. For some reason, blogger is not letting me reply to comments and lately I haven't been able to send e-mail responses to comments either (I'm not sure if this is a new blogger feature or what, but I haven't been able to figure out any changes in my settings, so if you've asked me a questions recently - I haven't been ignoring you - I just can't figure out a way to respond! My e-mail address is in my profile, please feel free to e-mail me directly). Ok, here goes...

The photos aren't the best quality, but because of time constraints I'm not going to spend time editing them and trying to get the best shots. I think they're good enough for you to get the idea.

I did order the Studio Calico kit last year and used printables by Ali Edwards (available through Designer Digitals). I also used printables by Geralyn Sy (her shop is called In a Creative Bubble), lots of washi tape and random stuff from my stash.



The past 2 years I've used one of these calendar grids to document the "bigger events" of the month:

It's also become tradition to start my album with a "bucket list" of sorts. Just before the month begins, we sit down as a family and come up with a list of all the things we want to do leading up to Christmas. Most of them end up being holiday-themed activities, but not all. (and yes, I realized later that some things accidentally got listed twice. That's OK).

And then the daily documentation begins. I think most of this is pretty self explanatory...

 So there you have the first 12 days of my 2012 December Daily Album! I'll be back sometime this weekend to share the last half of the album, and then look for a post in about a week where I'll be sharing the progress of my 2013 album!